Became a big fan of Chillipeppr.

Became a big fan of Chillipeppr. I love the tool and I wanted to have a dedicated small machine to run it so I got a Raspberry Pi and installed the Serial JSON Server. Everything works BUT at the moment I tried to run a big job 5MB NC file it starts but stops with a minute or so. If I’m sending from a remote machine it stops with a few hundred lines into buffer but the router doesn’t move. If I’m sending from a local browser it works but it can’t load more than 100 lines into buffer and the buffer keeps getting to zero and even though continues it keeps stalling. Do you guys have any tips? I know the Raspberry Pi is a pretty small little thing but 5MB is not that much.

Are you Grbl or TinyG? Screenshots help too cuz they tell us all the version numbers, OS, browser, cnc device, etc.

Try hitting ~ to resume if it stops running the Gcode.

@jlauer Grbl. Arduino Uno + G-Shield. Its a Shapeoko machine.
Running Grbl 0.9 on the Uno. I just tried running with a Windows 10 plugged in and sending directly and this time, within the fist minute I had 1400+ lines in the buffer and the machine stops moving. If I ctrl+X it stops, flush buffer and it accepts next command. Browser is Chrome. JSON Server 1.88 on PC and 1.95 when running on Raspberry Pi