Bearing sources

Hi all-
I thought to post this update- my machine has been displaying symptom of a worn out bearing on the carriage. After I went looking, sure enough, its on the Y axis. If i rock the carriage I can feel the play in the shaft. I get this funny layer registration when Z-hoping. Successive layers are just off enough to be noticed.

I mic’d the shaft and it is literally dead nuts on 8mm with my metric mic and vernier. I have a set of spares to swap back in to see how they do.

Reading the Spyraflo specs on the oil impregnated bronze bushings, the MINIMUM bearing ID size is 8.03. They have a PTFE composite version that is 7.98 min ID that I might try. I cant check the bushing until I get it pulled.

Aside from the sources in the BOM, SDP/SI, the Spyraflo bearings can be gotten from McMaster,

Spyraflo directed me to Quality Bearings and Components. The have a $30 minimum order though. Link as of this posting-

Waiting to hear back on pricing and stock for now.
EDIT: QBC is actually SDP/SI.


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I used the McMaster bronze ones on my last carriage rebuild. Seems to be holding up so far. I know some have used igus bearings before. Personally I have fought stick/slip issues with composit bearings in the past due to higher static friction.

good to know, thanks.

i changed the pair out on that axis and it seems to be back to normal worth the bronze ones.

to follow up. the quote I got back was $25/EACH for the PTFE bearings.
I about fell out of my chair when I got that number.

bronze ones it is for now. i will start a new thread on carriage remixing for LM8UU or LM8LUU bearings once i remix the design.