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BeagleBoard kernel patches are already upstreamed in HelenOS mainline :slight_smile:

@Jakub_Jermar Awesome. Does @HelenOS kernel support for Beagle include support for BeagleBone and the next-gen BeagleBone? Is HelenOS at a stage where I should be promoting it on as a starting point for new developers? Do you have some good demo videos?

@HelenOS supports BeagleBoard XM and BeagleBone. Support for the former was created by @Jan_Vesely and for the latter predominantly by @Maurizio_Lombardi . New developers will certainly have fun playing with HelenOS on these boards, not so much the users. The current state is that the kernel support and the userspace root platform drivers are available. The system will come up almost fully, but the user experience is currently limited to the serial kernel console. HDMI video output, AFAICT, was only successfully tested in Linaro QEMU, so by default we use serial only. The standard HelenOS UI is not active because of the kernel console using it for itself. There are no BeagleBoard or BeagleBone-specific demo videos, but there are some generic HelenOS demo videos on the home page.