Bcnc - Smoothieboard Connection Problems

I am trying to change from Pronterface to BCNC. From information I can find I have done following:

  1. I have downloaded the cnc firmware. Renamed and flashed. On Sd card it is FIRMWARE.CUR and file size is 345kB. So I’m assuming the Firmware change has been OK
  2. I have downloaded the current config file from Smoothie website link. I have added one line grbl_mode true I haven’t changed anything else on the config file.
  3. I have downloaded BCNC successfully. When I try to connect Smoothie is listed.

The problem is BCNC will not connect with Smoothieboard.I have tried different baud rates it makes no difference.

Has anybody got at any suggestions?

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Sorted. Don’t know if it was the reason, but it worked, I removed both config and Firmware off Sd card and reinstalled /flashed Firmware and then config. Originally I had left old config on Sd card as I changed firmware.

Glad you got it to work :slight_smile:

Hello I meet the same problem as Al57_SW, I applied the same procedure and bCNC does not want to know. I do not recover the current positions of the axes while it tells me that it is connected …
Thank you for your help because here I despair