bCNC Adjust Z 0.1mm during Job

Good day

Can anyone please help me with this simple issue ?

During my job i will see that i need to adjust the Z by 0.1mm up or down to achieve the desired result i need , i use this to cut trough layers and some layers is just a bit lower than programmed , “the layers is different colors and i will cut certain depths to get another color” , the layers is not 100% evenly this , just off by 0.1 or 0.2mm.

So i do not want to go back to zero to adjust Z 0.1mm and resume , because this happens about 6 times per job or sometimes it does not need to be changed. I want to pause , adjust Z without bCNC detecting that this happend ,(before i used to unscrew the Z motor and adjust Z by hand and screw back in).

Any help will be appreciated

Thank You
South Africa

Good question. I don’t have my script handy for tool zeroing but I think there are some workspace offsets in the G54 range which might work.

Looking here for the z-probe it looks like G92 might be your target value to change.