Battery Pack Tesla Style    Here's a cool video from a series on YouTube,

Battery Pack Tesla Style
Here’s a cool video from a series on YouTube, about a guy who is building an electric car. This episode features his battery pack, and some interesting techniques on wiring it all together. The best part is about how Tesla puts a fuse wire on each individual Lithium Cobalt cell before attaching to the bus bar. This might help those wearable guys that wanna strap 5,000 led’s worth of amperage to their gonads at burning man this year, we will see… :wink:

Always a good idea to put fuses between each cell and on the outputs, as you never know where a fault/short will occur. On rechargeable stacks with large numbers of cells, we also had diodes to catch those pesky cells that reverse polarity on you.
Burns from battery fires and electrolyte discharges are very painful on the skin and never fully heal again. I should know, I have some.

HEY! I resemble that remark :slight_smile: