Basic Print Frames

The wife is on a bit of a redecorating tear and purchased a set of 3 art prints to go in the kitchen. She told me she couldn’t find any reasonable priced frames for them to go in since they are a kind of an odd aspect ratio (11.75 x 15.75in). Said she just wanted some basic black frames and I told her I would take care of it.

Went to the store and got a 1x4x6 piece of select grade pine for ~$12 and a can of black spray paint for $5. Cut the board in half and ripped the sections into ~1" strips. Cut a rabbet into one edge of each strip using my router table and used the miter saw to cut the frame sections. No glass so just glued the frames together with some quick set Gorilla wood glue and a banjo strap frame clamp. Sanded and spray painted black (loving my new rotating spray table). Cut cardboard backers and fastened the print and cardboard into the frames with window glazing points. Added saw tooth hangers and done. About $17 in materials and 2 hrs work. Wife was very happy with the result :slight_smile:


You missed a major opportunity!
When my wife asks for a project I point out the new tool I need to do it …

Nice work, especially the finish!


That is how I was able to get this…


that is a nice tool …

I’m not very handy, so I’ll take whatever help I can.