based Delta Printer: Features:

#MakerSlide based Delta Printer:


  • Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) using 1.75 mm filament
  • 100 micron layer resolution capability
  • 9" diameter x 11" tall build envelope (approximate)
  • Heated build platform (optional)
  • Efficient footprint to build envelope ratio
  • Utilizes open source software tool chain

Pricing USD 1100+

Anybody out there with long time wear experience (couple of months actual movement) regarding the wheels on alu linear bearing as of MakerSlide and alike? E.g. people who have #Ordbot or so.

It certainly looks nice.

I’ve been thinking about building basically the same thing, although I have three 2-meter lengths of makerslide that I’ve been thinking of using to make a much larger version.

Barton just posted he’s working on a delta bot based on his makerslide design. He will be presenting it at ORD I believe.

@Whosa_whatsis I’ll be your first customer. I love how it looks.

@Tara_Tiger_Brown I didn’t say I wanted to sell it, I just want to build myself one giant printer. Besides, I’m already building a printer for you right now :stuck_out_tongue: