Bandsaw upgrade

This is the other project I was working on. I have been doing a lot of bowl turning and was always running into the 6" limit of my bandsaw throat. I have had a 6" riser block, that I got at an auction, for over 10 years but I had never installed it. One of the problems was my bandsaw had a 7/8" hex bar for adjusting the upper guide and the riser block kit came with the newer round style bar. Again I used my table saw to cut a piece of aluminum into a piece of hex stock. I couldn’t believe it came out as good as it did.
The next piece to the puzzle was my bandsaw had a 1/2 hp motor. I came across another free treadmill from a gym and it had a 3 hp 3 phase motor. I never knew but many commercial treadmills use 3 phase motors. I was surprised to find that a VFD was about the same price as the DC motor controller I bought. If I had my choice I would always use a 3 phase motor over a DC motor. They just seem easier to work with and more available.