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Originally shared by Nicholas Seward

Looks great. Im wondering if I use a due amd rampsfd if it would have the power to do do the trig functions u mentioned

@Glenn_West I imagine. If you create an atan lookup table you won’t have any problems. This is only a little more math than a Rostock.

@Nicholas_Seward …you are a fucking wizard man…

So are you interested in doing it jointly. I’m happy to take marlin, and port it to due/due-fd, which would give us basic kossel functions, and then work with u to add the math for Lisa. My math is rusty, so need your help there. We can go back on github. I’ll build a Lisa to test

@ThantiK I am going to print that comment out, frame it, and sit and stare at it for the next week. (My life may be complete.)

@Glenn_West I will be glad to formalize the math. The preprocessor is already in my GitHub

Print it out in gold filiment business card format comets with frame on the Lisa

The flat stock you mention is what material? CNC Milled?

1/2" plywood CNC milled. If you go any bigger you need to go thicker.

@John_Ridley The screws are pricey but they replace a lot of other pricey components. Files are here

Designed 3 working reprap printers in under a year. Should join the reprap dev team!

@Chris_Lau How does one join? What are their goals?

Looking at the screw drive, wondering if something could use robotdig such as,-280mm-Tr8*8mm-Acme-Leadscrew They offer custom lengths, and could get rid of couplers. On the length of the roton screw, it looks like 2.901 in ^ 3 = 24.4142387011, is this what you meant? As the order form simply has inches of length, and

@Glenn_West I have 1" leads on those screws. The Tr8*8s are too thin and have too small of a lead. Additionally you still need thread clamps on each side to make sure you don’t see the end play of the stepper.

I did order 24in screws from Roton. That was the volume of that part.

I was looking at someone’s profile and noticed they had a CNC mill that had a 2nd set of U-joints and diagonal arms spaced a few inches above the 1st set. You could probably use another set of arms if you want more stability. The current arms could probably be slightly thinner with the new arms added in.