Bad luck, I could smell the X axis driver chip.

Bad luck, I could smell the X axis driver chip.
Stepper motor power level set to 0.35, cooling fan on but it burnt-out :frowning:

These chips have temperature sensors on them so that is quite surprising to see.

That’s a drv8818 chip from Texas Instruments. I can see if they offer samples of this one and if so can send you a few in your shipment. Feel like doing some hot air rework?
But let’s see what Riley says first…

I have one more gShield, but that is enough for today. And yes, I will try to replace the driver chip.

Anyway, I was unable to probe a small PCB (34 probing locations only) today, kept trying until the driver said ‘bye’. The same setup, machine or wiring not changed.
Last time few days ago all was working fine, I simply didn’t use the machine for some days and today probing got bad again. I am slowly becoming fed up of that probing issue. So maybe it’s time to get TinyG and use gShield only for grbl on Arduino Uno.

i’ve had to give up on the probing for GRBL also. I don’t think it is an issue with the board or the firmware… i’m guessing the probing widget has not kept up to date with what has been happening on TinyG in CP. That’s unfortuntate.

@Frank_Graffagnino but Sebastian is running TinyG2 on a Due right now.
As for Grbl, yeah it’s fallen behind. I can facilitate the fixes/ development (translation: point people in the right direction and handle github merges :slight_smile: ) but we really need some people to step up and make the necessary programming contributions to keep it at least on par with TinyG.

@Frank_Graffagnino Recently @raykholo migrated the entire Grbl workspace to Github and now it’s production. So, changing the Grbl auto-level widget should be really easy to tweak now. It’s probably only a small tweak to get it going correctly, and from what I’ve heard, the Grbl auto-level widget does work now.

@jlauer ok… i guess i’ll have to try it again. thanks!

@raykholo hmm… i see a gShield in the picture… i thought that was for GRBL… No?

@jlauer I’ve been told that the /imania fix for autoleveling does not work anymore either, so we’re kind of back at square one. Not sure if there is a correlation to a new firmware release or inaccurate user reporting. It’s all speculation on our part. My grbl ox has just been sitting there every since I got my tinyg/ 3040. And even then I never did autoleveling on it.

@Frank_Graffagnino The gShield will mount to either an 8 bit arduino (Uno/ apparently also a Mega) or a Due which runs G2.

Maybe it’s based on firmware version of Grbl. I don’t know either because I don’t use Grbl, so it’s up to the Grbl users to try to tweak. Maybe somebody needs to add a firmware version pulldown menu into that widget so it supports whatever version you have. Or have it auto-detect.

i believe the GRBL version is already reported somewhere. i remember seeing my version in the GRBL widget.

gshield used to be called grbl shield in its earlier versions.

Weird…the people assembling th gshield are inconsistent in which way around they put the resistors.

So? Resistors aren’t polarized. Makes no difference. I’m picky about these things when I’m hand assembling because I like aesthetic perfection, but focus on the important stuff, ya know?

@sszafran you didn’t end up moving motors around by hand recently?
Someone in the 3D printing community that I am in moved his motors and fried his Texas Instruments driver chip lately. There are many warnings in both the 3D printing and the CNC milling communities about moving your motors by hand. The CNC milling communities tend to recommend unplugging the motor wire when they are wired to a quick disconnect plug.
If you moved the motor enough to damage it, it could have fried the rest of the way under power.

@raykholo ​ I am just hoping they pay attention to the orientation for the parts where the orientation does matter. :wink:

@NathanielStenzel Fair enough.

@raykholo That would be great if you have some spare driver chips.

I will check for my next sample order. I do not use this type on my board so I would get them just for you.