Bad LPS / Tube?

Dear MakerForum,

today I finally tried to testfire my K40 rebuild.
I am using the Stock LPS and a brand new Cloudray 35-45W Tube.
Coolant is demineralised Water.
The Problem: tried to Testfire via Button, the AmpMeter never goes above 2-3mA, even with the pot set to full power. The Tube just creates a very small burn on paper placed at first mirror.
As the LPS is not new, is it possible that the LPS is the problem here? Or could it be more likely the tube?

Thanks a lot & best regards!

Is this the CR35? Triggering voltage is specified at 13kV and working voltage at 9kV which should be low enough for a working K40 LPS I think.

Yes, it is the CR35.
Is it possible that the HV-Part of the LPS is defective?

@donkjr has two blog posts that are worth reading here:

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Hi, any conclusion?