Bad habit of releasing designs too soon

Anyone else have the bad habit of publishing designs before they are all the way worked out? I need to stop that. I modified an owl design to be a container with a removable head. The head did not even turn out to fit. I guess I was over-tired but this is not the first time I id this. hahaha

For the stuff I give away for free, …all the time. lol

For the stuff I sell, I test carve first and then fix any issues that come up and then test carve again until I am satisfied.


This is why I wish that the design sharing sites were able to work with Git, so that when I commit a new version of my design and push it, it automatically also shows up on the sharing site with the latest improvements. :relaxed:


Yeah. Or it would be nice if they replaced the old file and kept the counts. Divided into current version and previous versions would be better for a count listing though. Keeping all versions might be a bit much. I guess our current option is to add a date or version number to the name of the file we upload which is kinda lame.

I’ve got my printer design on GitHub directly. It has an STL viewer built-in, so I don’t think there’s too much of a problem… But the search for 3d models in GitHub is impossible.

I think there’s a place where you can submit ideas to printables, and this is definitely something I already sent in. The more people do it, the more likely it will happen.

I’ve sent that every place that I knew where to submit it, a while back. But… not sure whether printables was one of those places. :thinking: