Back up and running! 3d printing filament maker

(John Ecker (GeoDroidJohn)) #1

Back up and running! 3d printing filament maker


Made something like this a while back, reemed an nozzle out just a little, kept feeding the hot nozzle PLA waste which formed and flowed, was then cooled as it dropped and then spun on an old reel. Worked fine for me :slight_smile:

(Eric Davies) #3

What is your min and max observed filament diameter? (ie, how much variation are you seeing).


Now that’s the question, it was just a hack I’m seeing at least +/- 0.4mm or so, used one of my CNC drillbits to reem out a little and it was an old used nozzle too. I think what’s needed is a longer hotend(stainless steel tube and a bit more compression from a hopper) but just a thought for much longer use if you were to be making a few reels a day… I got the idea from how they extrude carbon nano strands but they use a fluid to cool while winding it on a reel, PLA and such if fine with fan type cooling.

*Nice project dude :slight_smile: