Back on TinyG and ChiliPeppr with a new build,

Back on TinyG and ChiliPeppr with a new build, just got the TinyG and spindle so we have most of it ready to be put together. Going to be a busy year starting a new middle school STEAM program.


They have STEAM now? Just used to be STEM back in my day…

LOL! Not yet. They have a STEM room but we are going to call the shop class, where the CNC will live, the STEAM room. The art teacher is going to get involved. The STEM room has computers and they teach programming (HTML, Javascript, CSS…) and they have a robotics room too. (Robot C).

I also teach music (my first love) so for me this adventure back into tech land is all about STEAM in schools and integrating with all the other classes.

STEM is as idiotic as trying to understand the arts without caring that the masters actually studied maths and were makers not just “artists”. Pythagoras’ comma is fundamental to music and most likely his original idea unlike his eponymous Theorem.

C P Snow was too long ago for education to ignore the reality of a history full of people like Pythagoras and Da Vinci who excelled in both arts and sciences.

You guys are helping start a revolution. :slight_smile:

FIRST, right? I was involved in FTC when I was in high school. Went to worlds both years I was with the team.

I think so. My partner in this CNC stuff was involved with his kid, who is going to grad school in paleontology now. We are building a table for the robots to run some obstacle course I think. I have a lot to learn and so does everybody else involved. They want to make parts on the CNC for the robots so I figure I will get more involved when they start that next year. For now we just have to figure out the paths from class to class and how CNC fits in. Most of it is looking good but there are gaps and the teachers are looking a load of stuff to do for the first time, and time is getting short before the new term.