Back in bidness a)I normally hate that we can't throw anything out around the

(Mike Miller) #1

Back in bidness

a)I normally hate that we can’t throw anything out around the menagerie…but it paid off in spades when I found the MEK

b)Not a fan of Kapton. Doesn’t like to stick, the acreage around the heat block is minimal, and during several test heat cycles it decided it didn’t want to stick to itself or anything else.

c) used the downtime to add 5v power for the Raspberry Pi, permanently mount the part cooling fan, and just generally clean things up. (The second set of wires is for the large fan, which isn’t strictly necessary at all times, but keeps things cool and silent.)

Cleanup of the nozzle consisted of burning out the heat break and nozzle (pretty flames while doing so!) and Methyl Ethyl Ketone soak on the heater block…then cursing til I got the Kapton tape to hold a replacement thermistor in place properly. (The first thermistor was a casualty.)

(Emily Huang) #2

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