Azteeg X5 - Viki2 display issues

(Credo78_SW) #1

Hello All,

I’m having an issue with my Azteeg X5 and Viki2 display, and the place from which I’ve purchased the board (panukatt) is of absolutely no help. They won’t even reply to my emails. I’m reaching out here as well.

I connected up my Viki2, changed the config file to enable the display. When I powered up the unit, I saw a splash screen on the display, but nothing since. The lights around the dial work, the display itself lights up, but I’m getting zero text. Can anyone offer som insight as to what’s happening here?

Thanks in advance~C

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(Arthur Wolf) #2

I’m sorry I don’t know much about viki2/azteeg.

There are two versions of the azteeg, and I believe they are wired differently, did you know that/take it into account ?

Have a picture of your wiring ?

(jwilding_SW) #3

I have had the same issues a few times. What I have found to try is to reflash your config and your firmware onto your Azteeg and sometimes that works. I do know its not a problem with the VIKI, its something with the board. Also check if your grounding is correct.