Azteeg X3 V2 or Arduino Uno

Azteeg X3 V2 or Arduino Uno

Chinese ramps kit with display and dvr driver no more 30€ and on cartesian go fast 32 bit MCU need for inverse kinatic machines (scara/delta etc) . We can move we qr over 500mm/s and extreamly high acceleration…

Need only good extruder :stuck_out_tongue:

I think to manufacture hercules master. What is the optimal card

Is Your choose .as asked in private we use low cost efficient and fast items and really limited use of printed part…it for have right balance cost/quality. Just for remember first time I make a qr I launch it in air and grab on fly…no move and now I start to print with on this frame. A before joke of he with shauki because we machine can go over 500mm/s but current filament no able to support this speed…but him just continue testing with various form of him he for make right flux for hi speed.

Thank you for your comments

@shauki some people use 12v ramps. But yes due to the rotational inertia of all that 10mm shaft, I agree 24v is preferred.

Yes I run 24v.