Azteeg and pi mounted well ain't it purty

Azteeg and pi mounted well ain’t it purty

Looking great. Keep posting. I love watching these come together.

What’s the part number and source of that box again, seemed like it was a much better price than the Hoffman one I had.

BTW don’t forget cooling fans for the box :slight_smile:

Yeah I gotta figure out what size holes the fans need. The Centre of the damn fan is so large

BUD Industries PN-1335-DG High-Impact ABS NEMA 4x Indoor Box, 10-27/64" Length x 7-17/64" Width x 3-47/64" Height, Dark Gray Finish


was like 20 bucks. and they have a file for the bottom tray so i was able to really crappily model something. the pegs are so fragile when you screw into them. i ended up drilling thru the piece. lol.

i would honestly eliminate the pegs after that and use brass pillars. and just use the pegs as drill guides.