Axis not responding during cutting

Hello, I have been trying to dial in settings to use on a rotary bottle mechanism and for some reason whenever I go to engrave on the bottle the rotary axis just doesn’t move. I can’t remember what the axis is but it’s the one that goes forward and backwards and not side to side. The axis moves just fine when it’s homing but when I go to engrave the axis just doesn’t move and it ends up all being on a single line.

Try running without the rotary, with and without the rotary settings turned on in K40 Whisperer.

Does your laser engrave correctly when you remove the rotary and reconnect the y-axis motor?


Yes. I can engrave just fine without The rotary being connected.

The software can not tell what motor is hooked up so K40 Whisperer does the same thing in either hardware configuration. So it might be a problem with your rotary wiring.

So should i try switching the cable around so it rotates the other way or what are you suggesting?

I am suggesting it might be a wiring problem. But I don’t know anything about your rotary device or how it is wired. If it were wired completely backwards it would move consistantly backwards. If only one of the coils is backward it might not move much. (I can’t remember exactly what it would do if only one coil was wired backward)

Does the rotary motor spin when you turn the Laser Engraver on?

Yes the motor spins when it’s turned on. It’s just a single nema 17 motor that spins the bottle.

If it spins when it is turned on then it is probably wired correctly. Maybe the bottle is too heavy or it is trying to rotate too fast for the stepper during engraving.

For the speed I just have it at 8mm/min and one pass for engraving because I was wanting to see how that ended up.

I am out of ideas.

Thanks for trying, I appreciate it.