Awesome to see this coming together.

Awesome to see this coming together.

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I have a panel solution now. Very simple and I think it looks nice

I’ve also been playing with a “draft barrier” because I can’t get the astronaut to succeed when scaled to 10". First attempt was a 6 hour print at 0.25mm layers and the second one was a 5 hour print at 0.3mm layers.

I’m wondering now if the major problem is more that the model has super steep slopes and when you scale it up you actually need to lower the layer height so the absurd overhangs don’t cause regular crashes that weaken the model.

Anyway, I’ll play around with the “draft barrier” and see if I can come up with a decent solution that doesn’t look/feel sketchy.

What type material is that? I like the idea of being able to like roll up or down walls based on needs