Awesome TinyG ChiliPeppr setup.

Awesome TinyG ChiliPeppr setup. Custom app on Rpi2 touch screen to append the use of ChiliPeppr from the laptop.

Originally shared by Brandon Satterfield

Check out this beautiful build and control action!

that’s cool… I’ve got to get me one of the Rpi touchscreens to mess around with.

i just bought one of these for the garage… gives me a full Windows 10 PC, with USB ports and a touch screen while still being very cheap. Similar idea to the RPi touchscreen, except you wouldn’t need a separate PC for chilipeppr… you could do everything on one box:

I was disappointed with my rpi touch screen. Too slow on the touch detection.

I can say the screen on that pc I posted works great and it is a high res screen.

Frank - The PIPO - this is right up there with sliced bread! For the money, this looks hard to beat. I think I’m going to have to get one also to tryout as a dedicated PC controller.

i’m liking it so far… and since it is a full PC with pretty good performance and 3d graphics, you can run Chilipeppr right on the thing along with SPJS. Also opens up the idea for a touch screen controller for Chilipeppr - since it has an HDMI output, I have a second monitor hooked up for my Chilipeppr main window - it is conceivable to have a popout Chilipeppr widget that could be put on the touchscreen similar to the touchscreen interfaces professional Tormach machines have.

Great minds think alike ;). I plan to do what you did and free up my dedicated desktop out in my workshop.