Awesome.Tech Donation

(Anthony Bolgar) #1 has donated one of each of their products for us to have on hand to help members who use them diagnose any issues they may run into. has also chosen the Maker Forums to be the official support site for their products.

(Paul) #2

If you have any questions or can’t find something here then please have a look at

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(Anthony Bolgar) #3

They also have a web site at

(Paul) #4

Are you after a super fast G-Code enabled controller to replace your stock NanoM2 controller ? Head then over to our new store

Our mini Gerbil is the new board to drive your K40. It’s based on the Cortex M3 STM32 processor (72MHz, 64k + 20 k). It does allow you to do 16 bits PWM and dithering.

Supported by Inkscape, LightBurn and Laserweb. Connects up to 230kBaud rate to speed up engraving via mini USB connection.