Autolevel question: I have a simple probe and plate setup.

Autolevel question: I have a simple probe and plate setup. I have configured the config file to set pin (1.28!^) and enabled probing. When I issue a M119 command to test, everything seems to look correct (Probe: 0 when no contact and Probe: 1 when there is contact). When I run a G30 command, the probe goes down and contacts the plate, retracts and reports the correct Z number. All seems well at this point. When I try to run bCNC’s autolevel routine (simple 4 corner level) it does the first probe and gets a reading and then, upon retracting, generates an error of “ZProbe triggered before move, aborting command.” and continues to go to the other 3 corners without probing. This appears to be generated from the smoothie controller and not the bCNC software. Am I missing something? Could there be noise on the input line? I also tried setting the zprobe.debounce_count to 100, 1000, 10000 but it didn’t seem to help. I am running build version edge-3332442 Apr. 22 2016 of the smoothie firmware.

use the builtin three point levelling. I doubt the bCNC one will work with such an old version of smoothie. or you could try the latest edge and use the cnc build version.

I’ll give it a try. Does the CNC version also support lasers?