auto leveling on is not working.

(Javier Camacho (affiBox)) #1

auto leveling on is not working. After I send the height map data the gcode it becomes garbage.

(Justin Adie) #2

i have not changed the workspace or autolevel code for a year now. and not had previous reports of auto-level garbage.

the autolevel code pushes the data to the workspace using this subscriber: /com-chilipeppr-elem-dragdrop/ondropped

perhaps check the javascript console to see whether anything untoward is happening. you will have to turn debugging on (in the grbl widget pull down the caret and select verbose and debug).


It looks like you have no height map data. That matrix looks flat. If you are pasting in the JSON height map data from a previous run, which is what I’m guessing, you should see the matrix in the 3d viewer update. Your screenshot doesn’t show that, so maybe your heightmap data is in a weird format?

(Javier Camacho (affiBox)) #4

@jlauer I’m not pasting. I running the tool from the website then sending the data to the gcode. I’m using chrome