Auto flip bottom layer

Hey just finally getting there hang of Chillipeppr now and its hands down the most efficient way to get from Eagle to a milled board. Great stuff!

Something I thought I’d mention as a bit of feedback / feature request, it would be great if the bottom layer defaults to being flipped as it does when exporting CAM jobs from eagle.

Considering the default behaviour for single layer boards in Eagle is parts placed on top, traces on bottom, I’d assume most people are choosing Bottom Layer in the drop down. But its easy to forget to check the flip check box (like I keep doing). I dont see too many scenarios where you wouldn’t want to flip to bottom layer, it would be handy for it to check automatically if you’re milling traces on bottom only.


Hmm. Good idea.

John, side question. I could easily come in and do some of these changes, but want to make sure it can go back up the stack for all chilipeppr users (not just grbl 1.1). What’s the best approach on that? Should I do it in my local, test it, then do a request on the main branch?

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I just worked this logic out. I also keep track of, if the user modified the settings vs the code. If no user interaction, switching between top and bottom will set automatically. If a user has interacted, and changed the values, then the automatic setting is disabled.

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not sure how to get this as a PR. Also added the ability to add vias, and/or select each type of solder mask part. Not trying to spam the channel. Here is the commit: added logic to auto flip bottom layer · jimmieclark3/widget-eagle@69ff3d3 · GitHub

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This looks like a great addition. If you could figure out how to do a pull request to GitHub - ameennihad/widget-eagle: Eagle BRD Import widget for ChiliPeppr. Mill, solder mask creation, solder paste dispense, pick and place. that would update both the TinyG and Grbl 1.1 workspaces.

Ok, got the PR in. Just need someone to approve and merge now. I will see if I can find a reviewer.

Thats awesome.
While we’re at it, something else that’s a bit counterintuitive is that the helptip for the refresh button says it ‘updates the 3D viewer’ which would suggest it doesn’t affect the Gcode.

So I keep making changes to sizes and things and Sending over the Gcode, only to realise later that nothing changed as the refresh button wasn’t clicked also.

It would be much better if ‘Send Gcode’ actually send Gcode for the current settings regardless if refresh was pressed (or just auto refresh when send is pressed)

And it would be nice if we could save new default settings for the Eagle widget into the site cookie or something. Or is that already possible somehow that I’ve missed?

I would agree with this mentally, but the issue here is, the gcode is generated form the 3d objects on the screen. So it essentially takes the 3dview and redners it as gcode. That is the real issue with this.

One option might be to have a setting that forces a 3d refresh before a gcode render, but things like SolderMask and other areas don’t have a global send to gcode.

Anyone else’s thoughts on this? Unless there was maybe a setting in the gcode window that said, update 3d model before rendering, and we subscribe ti a call before generating the gcode in all areas. It’s not an easy change that I can see.

I am new, so I could be off base here.

Yeah, I agree with all of you that the way the refresh and the “Send Gcode to Workspace” work is confusing. It is true that the Eagle BRD widget keeps sending 3d objects to the viewer, not Gcode, but then it finally sends Gcode to the workspace and lets the workspace handle the Gcode like any other project. That’s not intuitive to the user. I think it would take some decent reworking to get right and I don’t really have the time.