auto bed leveling

(Jittu Singh_SW) #1

I am buliding a Cartesian printer and using smoothieboard. Is there any support for automatic bed leveling?

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(761834_SW) #2

Yes, see the “Zprobe” section under “Smoothie Firmware”

(Jittu Singh_SW) #3

i am trying that but no information is available on how to calculate z offset and how use z probe for z endstop

(761834_SW) #4

Information is indeed very difficult to find. I am setting up a z-probe myself right now and am trying to figure it out as I go. Hopefully someone with more knowledge can shed some light on your questions.

(Arthur Wolf) #5

This page :

Seems to have all of the information you need.

What are you missing ? What are your problems exactly ?

(Jittu Singh_SW) #6

I am able to probe the points for 3 point strategy and get the normal to bed plane. I saved the plane in config.override. I calculated the offset offset folowing steps by Rincewind in soliforum. after all this how to use end stop for z axis and start printing?

I tried printing my manually bringing the bed to nozzle level but while printing gamma motor was not compensating for bed leveling

(tkole_SW) #7

Are there any plans on adding servo support to this so that a z-probe can be attached to the x-carriage and lowered/raised as needed?

(Arthur Wolf) #8

I guess it will happen when somebody that knows how to add it ( I can help if somebody wants to do it ), actually has a servo setup ( that seems pretty rare ), and wants to add it, does it.

I think it will happpen, just not sure when.

(761834_SW) #9

I’ve got a servo probe setup, the servo is triggered by the Smoothieboard but controlled through external circuitry.
It shouldn’t be too hard to implement on the firmware side, a servo needs a pulse ranging from 1 to 2 ms every 20ms. I think the biggest issue would be the 3.3v output of the Smoothie being too low of a voltage for the servo signal.