ATTENTION: Community's participation and input needed.

ATTENTION: Community’s participation and input needed.

I’ve offered to move the Eustathios V2 BOM to a Google Sheets document (Eric will approve it and add it to the root GitHub README), and have been trying to get the product numbers corrected as well as links to the actual product pages on the various sites (have only completed most of Robotdigg’s parts so far).

For reference, here is the Google Sheets document at its current state:

Those of you that have purchased from either the HercuLien, or the Eustathios V1 or V2 BOMs (/cc @Eclsnowman @Jason_Smith @Dat_Chu @Derek_Schuetz @Daniel_Salinas @Isaac_Arciaga @Oliver_Seiler ) , I’ve got a few items I’m having troubles finding. Could y’all confirm the following?



Those are all I’ve got questions on so far.

Would love if you guys/gals that have already purchased these parts could chime and and confirm for me.


Good effort Seth. As I’m based in NZ I’m cut off many US vendors, or shipping is prohibitively expensive. I got many of my parts via AliExpress and could provide some alternative links (though shipping might be more expensive for those in the US).
As to the parts in questions:
End stop switches: GT2 belt:

@Seth_Messer I can confirm the geared stepper you linked from RobotDigg. A good reputable name brand alternate for that motor available from a US vendor here it’s the Kysan 1040229. @SMW3D also has the 32t pullies (even without shoulders) here in case it’s not mentioned in the V2 BoM.

I’ll try to make some time tonight before bed to take a look at the V2 BoM and pitch in on adding US vendors.

@Oliver_Seiler Huge thanks! I’d love to at least get enough detail/description into each line item so that all countries can have enough info to at least know what to search for.

Thanks much @Isaac_Arciaga !

@Seth_Messer no sir, Thank You!

@Eric_LeFort the formatting is a little confusing at first. The qty per sub assembly column shows how many are required for that assembly. The total to the right is the qty x number of that subassembly (since the printer may require multiples of that sub assembly). Unfortunately the pivot table (sheet 2) that summarizes the totals didnt translate well in google docs. That pivot table by vendor was my attempt to make the ordering sheet where the links would exist.

@Oliver_Seiler I have had some issues with the 0.9deg steppers. The added steps required forced me to lower my micro stepping on my 8bit controller because it would stutter at high speeds. With smoothieware it is much less of an issue, so if people plan on using 0.9deg steppers I recommend the higher speed controllers like the azteeg x5 mini.

@Seth_Messer are 5972K164 FastEddy bearings (line 49 on vendor pivot) same 10x22x6 as 6900 (line 33)?

@Seth_Messer @Eclsnowman If you want to get more alt. sources for extrusions, I ordered mine here: They are not cut or drilled, same as smw3d. Prices are also the same with better materials availability and a little better shipping cost.

@Eclsnowman good to know. I’ve got these from my old printer where they work fine with a RAMPS board, but I haven’t been pushing for speed. My Eustathios will run Smoothieware :wink:

@Eclsnowman thanks for the heads up on the pivot table and what you had intended. I’ll get that cleaned up too!

@Mykyta_Yurtyn yes sir, these, on fasteddy ( are the same as the ones I have on the Google Sheets, purchasable via Amazon link.

@Mykyta_Yurtyn the amazon link for the 6900 bearings has been switched to the 10 pack at FastEddy.

Good news, almost all of the parts have been verified and have links, and I believe @Eclsnowman went ahead and added a cleaner pivot table tab, labeled as “Sum of Parts by Vendor” at the bottom. Please note, most of the McMaster-Carr parts are sold as packs of xx. The quantity Eric has specified in the BOM is for individual pieces, not quantity of packages. I’ll get the last few links done throughout the rest of the day.

I’m still unsure on the Solid State Relay, as to exactly the one we should order…

I linked the SSR last night. Also, Most of the hardware can be purchased tons cheaper elsewhere. But McMaster makes everything really easy since they supply Solidworks Native Models.

Trimcraft Aviation ( is the best quality/price I have found in the states. Plus they are Stainless Steel. Unfortunately they only carry about 80% of the hardware needed.

@Eclsnowman I saw you had linked the SSR, but it was a broken amazon link :confused: i ended up just buying from your commented ebay link…

@Seth_Messer link should be good now.

Unfortunately someone did some drag down copies (likely to quickly add the links for similar parts).

It borked up the assembly numbering and color schemes in the process.

Looks like it could be a painful fix.

Sigh, “someone” would either be you or me, and I doubt it was you. I did copy/paste (contents ONLY!) for the McMaster-Carr parts numbers that matched. I did not alter quantities. I’ll go back through it and double check everything from the original xls.