Atomstack p7 M30

I don’t know if anyone can help but I hope so here’s my situation

I have an AtomStack P7 M 30 and I have a very difficult situation

1 I use LightBurn software for it and I have my project framed and centered but when I click on the frame function it does its own thing no matter what I set the orientation to its never right 2 “HOMING” I know the machine doesn’t have limit switches so it has to be set up manually and I think I did that correctly according to LightBurn it should be forward and to the left I did that but when I click home it defaults back to the upper left corner and will not move even with jogging or using the move buttons nor will it reset even if I turn off the machine or exit out of LightBurn 3 when I engrave it doesn’t engrave where I tell it the node chooses it’s own spot

I’m so lost hopfully some one can help many thsnks

Just checking to see if you understand the information below. Also on some lasers, home is hardwired into the firmware and therefore is not advisable to home in LB.
Coordinates & Origin - LightBurn Software Documentation

I guess I’m not quite understanding so I have to manually home it each time or am I setting the origin button as its “HOME” ? And what about the frame issue ?

Set the origin in LB and then manually set the laser there every start up.

As for framing, see the link above.

Thanks that’s kinda a pain but it was a Christmas gift and a start for the hobby so I can deal I just wasn’t understanding thanks for the info !:blush:

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That’s why most of us use one that can home, so it knows where it is.

You can probably add them…

When you click home in Lightburn, it sends a code telling the machine to perform a homing operation. It should result in an error as it shouldn’t have homing enabled.