At the weekend i test the (great & awesome) Eage Board import Feature on

At the weekend i test the (great & awesome) Eage Board import Feature on chilipeppr/grbl. After some test, i want to know what are the state from this Feature?

When i import a board i see only the top side, how can i mill the bottom side?

I can set the drill function ‘Use drill bits …’, but the created gcode don’t drill things anymore?

Sadly this feature does not have the last two items you are seeking. For the bottom of the board you can use Eagle’s “mirror” script to export your bottom of your board as your top. Then import that BRD file. For the drill functions you’ll have to either add the code by forking the widget (which we’d all love) or use an alternate method of exporting drills.

Hmm, for the drill feature we need to create the extra drillcode-gcode with some toolchanges at the end of generated gcode, correct? I check the code, to implement this the best place are ‘exportGcode’, correct?

Yes, that is the correct spot inside the exportGcode() method. Yes, I would put the drills toward the end and I would do a tool change because a lot of folks will use a different end-mill or lots of different bit sizes for the drills, but they’ll use a nice v-bit (or super skinny endmill) for the isolation milling.

@jlauer Ok, i give up :slight_smile: How can i find the Pads (for drilling) with absolute coordinates? I try to save all pads in draw3dElements but i get only with relative position to their parent element. Maybe i can walk over the 3d structure. Please help and can i get your email address?