Astronomy Tools

Has anyone used their K40 or similar cutter to make tools for astronomy? I have enjoyed the hobby/obsession of amateur astronomy for a couple decades now and just realized that there may be some instances where I can make tools or things to assist with the hobby. I saw a post on CloudyNights about making a Tri-Bahtinov mask. That is a great use. I also think that making aperture masks out of thin ply might be a good application.

I have two middle schoolers that I am currently leading through Astronomy lessons. I want to find some educational applications of the K40 with regard to the topic of astronomy as well.


Well, after a bunch of trial and error, I finally have a function Tri-Bahtinov mask for my SCT telescope. Below is a photo. The clear one is the final draft and th black one is the finished mask. Text was put there only for my own personal edification. No one else will care.


Hello Dustin.
I also made some Bahtinov masks.
I only have a 5inch reflector.
I used
To generate the SVG for loading into light burn.

I also used it to make a solar filter, it did struggle to cut the filter sheet I think the reflectivness of it didn’t help might have been a bit over the top but if you got it use it :slightly_smiling_face: