Assuming this is a silly question,

Assuming this is a silly question, but why does the operation default to laser raster? How do I set up a cut?

Is there an easy tutorial to follow on making your first cut? If it matters I’m using gimp and inkscape.

Thank you!

@Aaron_Russell ​ are you loading an image into LW4?


Image -> raster
Vector -> cut

BTW: an image in an SVG file will still be an image, unless you trace (ie vectorize) it!

The your only possible option will be to raster. To cut you need a vector. You can for example add that image to an inkscape document and draw a box around it. Then save it as svg and load up that document into LW4. If done correctly it will let you create cuts when you select the box and add it to an operation

I’ll try it tonight. Thank you so much!