Ask for my help to design a new tire/rim here.

Ask for my help to design a new tire/rim here. Enter your RC wheel desires in this topic. I do not promise that your specific design will be put on my to-do list and even if it ends up in the list it will probably take some time before I release it, but hey if you don´t wish for something your chances are even worse right;) Keep in mind that the more detailed info you give, the bigger the chance for your request. Please add dimensions needed, like for instance outer diameter, tire width, inner rim diameter, hex size, hex offset from inside of tire and all relevant dimensions needed so that the rim does not interfere with any car-parts…
All the Best/ Thomas Palm

Hello @Thomas_Palm , I don’t know if you saw my post about a four motor truggy, but I kind of need a way to place the rims around the motor or as close as possible to the place the wheel should be without my modifications.
I can think of two ways of doing it, would you like helping me out with that?

Sorry @Andre_Frazatto ,dint see it before. Looks fun! sure I will help. please add tech-data here