As the deadline approches for the ,

As the deadline approches for the #laserwebcontest , I fell like there was a lack of interest in getting free Maker Funds!!! (Gift cards) for a simple photo of a project made using LaserWeb… So far only a few folks have participated and I really appreciate it thanks for sharing your projects @Jim_Fong@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty ​@cprezzi and ​@Jeff_Lamb ​. But I feel like there needs to be more projects. So what do you folks think? Give it another week and tack on another 10$ in rewards? Or finish the contest?

I’ve just not had much time to create anything new between old job (wrapping up), new job (spinning up) and vacation prepping…

So yeah, for me - personally - it just came at a bad time! :wink:

Another week would be good.

Love the idea of your contest @Alex_Krause ​ . I’ve been very busy and no time for laser stuff, but I have an idea for a project that I want to put into the contest. I will hopefully get to work on it today and finish it soon (granted it turns out ok :-). Contest or not, I will share the outcome of my project when complete :+1:

Don’t forget, it is $20 form @Alex_Krause and $20 from me.

Yes, give it another week to get some more people aboard.