As the 3D Printing community gets closer to 10,000 members,

As the 3D Printing community gets closer to 10,000 members, I’m curious to know if everyone here owns a 3D printer. Since G+ doesn’t support polls yet, just +1 the comment that applies to you. 3… 2… 1… GO!

“Yes, I am a proud owner of one (or more) 3D printer.”

“No, but I hope to own one someday!”

Yes, I own multiple(>1) generations of printers and made RepRap parts for others to build their printers.

1x prusa mendel

2 actually for me, wondering which kind to build next…

Mentally designed and the build has begun haha

I’m waiting on my @Makible Makibox (and Ramen).

If you own multiple printers, please +1 both yes answers.

Personally, i’ve built a Prusa and two Mendel90s for myself and a Sells Mendel and a MendelMax for others. I’m still supporting the Sells’ and Max’s operators with any troubles they run into.

both yes answers.

+Marcus Wolschon, that’s not exactly what I meant. I was trying to get everyone who owns one or more printers to +1 the first option, too, so that calculating the printer to non-printer ratio would be a bit easier.

oh right. hey I speed read and miss stuff.

Fixed it in my comment above to include multiple printers.

I don’t but really enjoy reading the posts and looking at the awesome pics you guys / gals post.

1x orca v3

No. But currently designing a CNC which hopefully will mill and print.