As requested here's a photo album of my smartrap builds its rather customized.

(Michael Scholtz) #1

As requested here’s a photo album of my smartrap builds its rather customized. Build plate is 10mm glass at the time belts weren’t std. I nixed the auto leveling and if you look at the bed I shimmed the bed with blue tape to level it. The print heads need to be adjusted to be level with the bed so if you look at the front mount it’s got a smiley face so it can twist till level. I had some trouble with twisting on the axiz.

(Sven Eric Nielsen) #2

I think I’ll never understand why the rods are placed this way on the smartrap.
In my opinion the z axes should be placed behind each other. And the y(?) should be placed above each other. Simply because this is where the forces are. This will wobble like hell.
The other thing is that I don’t understand why the whole year rods are moved. I would be much better to move just the print head along the y axes. Less mass to move and the system could be much stiffer while u have less forces on the y bearings.

(Sebastian Schmidt) #3

A question is the glassplate you use a custom work or can you buy it ready in this size?

But its an impressive work

@Sven_Eric_Nielsen the problem are not the forces, thats more a problem of stiffness.
As an example the z axis:
If you put the rods above each over, you will gain vertical stiffness but loose horizontal. And vice versa of course.

The right way would be the 2 rods and a third support structure above it.

(Michael Scholtz) #4

I got it at a local hardware. Was having trouble with 3mm glass not being flat 10mm is very heavy its almost 1kg. The open bearing design i had to add an idler bearing for the build plate but as the criticism states the printer isnt rock solid overall and I bebuilt the second one into my own design

(Sven Eric Nielsen) #5

In this design nobody cares about the horizontal stiffness because the y rods are not moving along the x axis. Only the table is moving along the x axis.
And if you increase the stiffness you can withstand higher forces with the same deformation or the same amount of forces with less deformation of the y axis.
So this is what I said, design machines that they withstand the the forces where they are. And that means make it stiff of course! 
3 rods in this design would be a waste of material and money.

(Smartfriendz: 3d printer kit) #6

you’re right about your first comment sven. The reason of this choice was because i’ve used the steppers as a structure and i’ve found better balanced the all printer with horizontal rods for X ( it’s indeed X axis for historical reason :). however , I’m about to change to moving head on fixed axis… it’s really better .

(Michael Scholtz) #7

As far a print quality goes if you look at the pics there is a pink part on the back of the front mount that was printed on this printer you can zoom in quite close to see the print quality is pretty good.