As part of my large laser build I've acquired this Fanuc enclosure.

As part of my large laser build I’ve acquired this Fanuc enclosure. I’m looking for some creative ideas on what I can do with the buttons that will work with the smoothie. As you can see there are a series of buttons. Some are momentary and some are on/off type. I guess it does’t matter much what they actually do but it would be fun if I can make them work in some manner. Any ideas??

You could mimic the buttons like I put on my add on controller module. Although I set these manually I have it set up so that the controller could also control them.
… Air Assist (Switch/light)
… Vacuum (Switch/light)
Not controllable:
… Smoothie Reset(Switch/light)
… Interlock open (light)

You could include these if you had the right type of switches:
… Laser enable
… Laser fire

Thanks @donkjr ​, do you have a link to your controller?



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