As mentioned late september,

As mentioned late september, this is the time consuming project i’ve been working on lately… some updates… from calculus, simulation, to real things.

What do you think? Worth loosing the nights?

We need lots more information!!! Looks fantastic!

full Electrical drive-by-wire autonomous drone/vehicle i’m working on at job. Starting to like more & more the output, so i thought it might worth sharing with community. Some know about the project.

Agreed with the above comment, but you may be not allowed to disclose much more information. A lot of nights/days already spent here, no doubts. You shouldn’t stop until the end…

Thanks for the info, It looks like a well done device. When I saw what looks like a enclosure for a cab, I though it might actually carry people. I would love to know more about the mechanics of it, if permissible. It looks to be all battery, or are there air driven components as well? I like the articulation at the center, guessing it is helpful for turning.

Actually it can carry up to 2 persons & luggage, it is all electrical. No air, no hidraulics. Leaning, twisting, gyro included, 4 Laser Lidars, 4 cameras, long & middle range ultrasonic, 4 accelerometers & 4 Gyroscope, controllable wireless(remote) if included, all drive-by-wire, joystick controlled, gps & network available… plus some extra more :slight_smile:

Is it pure research or are you looking into commercial application right from the start? Any idea about the autonomy and max speed?

both research, for research companies/universities and there is also a commercial version developed in parallel

More details to come

Here are some more details, as i promised long time ago :

if any of you is interested, i can provide more info :slight_smile:

Super nice! Any idea about the cost/date of the first production units?

Currently working on batch #0 :slight_smile: assambly, supply, programming