As I have ended up with a mess of wires and a solution that

As I have ended up with a mess of wires and a solution that “works” for my spindle control, I’m wondering if someone with more EE experience than I, could come up with a slight adaptation (and board files) for the pwm to 0-10v board found here

It would be great to add another opto isolated IO for spindle direction along side spindle on/off.

I would really like to see an actual product released for TinyG spindle control!

I do recall a post in this group a year or two ago where somebody figured out how to interface the TinyG to the generic chinese 3040 spindle control board. I think that board is available on ebay/aliexpress as a standalone spindle board and is really cheap, but good.

This is what I have on my TinyG:

I use a chip from AD to convert the pwm to 4 to 20ma that runs the speed ref for my drive. Straight out of the data sheet. And 2 optos for the direction and run.

4 to 20ma is the preferred way to send analogue signals more noise resistant than 0-10v. I’ll get the number of the chip when I get a chance you could easily breadboard one.

It’s an ad694jn. I salvaged mine but I’m sure you can find them on eBay or e14, RS etc