As I had a few WS2812 pixels left I made (just for fun) a

(Thomas Runge) #1

As I had a few WS2812 pixels left I made (just for fun) a small mobile strip with a cheap mobile phone power bank, which has enough power to lighten that 50+ pixels up for some hours. First it run the absolutely fabulous colorwaves from Mark. Then I thought about quick hacking some POV and testing that during our vacation.
After seeing the pics on a laptop screen I saw a bug. To make a space between two chars I put a longer delay_at_max_brightness_for_power() but without setting all pixels to black. Thats why you see the last column of every character smearing to the next character. Hmmm. Problem seen, problem solved.

My first version set all lighted pixel to just red. But we are RGB, so I added some cpt-city palettes and that great palette code.
There was another bug where the cycling through the palette wasn’t 100% correct. I fixed all that and my daughter will be glad to again go light painting tomorrow with dad. :wink:

(Mark Kriegsman) #2

Looks GREAT!

(Jarrod Wagner) #3

Would love to see this with a higher speed pixel but it looks great even as is!