Armbian installation?

I am trying to install Laserweb on a fresh install of Armbian on an OrangePi. Specifiacally bullseye 5.10.60. I tried looking for anything Armbian install related but no luck.
I did the usual update and upgrade at the start of my adventures and am pretty sure the system is updated.

I am following the raspi install instructions, and supplmented them by creating the user pi. in case that is the hard coded user in LW.
user pi was also added to the su user pool.

Here is the console at the end of the `sudo npm install’ step.

I can not tell if these deprcated libraries are coming from npm or LW.

Any suggestions on the next steps to try?

These are warnings; not errors. The depreciated packages have still been installed!

You should be able to just run: node server.js at this point and the server should start.

You may also want to look at my Gist page with full instructions for Raspian Buster and Bullseye (Node 12 based; I updated it and re-tested from scratch a couple of weeks ago) .

So long as you have node 12 and npm 7 they should work.

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