Are there no more moderators for this group? So much non-related posts...

(Kelleigh E.) #1

Are there no more moderators for this group? So much non-related posts…

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #2

Oh it does have moderators. We used to have around a hundred, I think. I changed the community settings and that cut down the spam a bunch. Since then the moderator count was cut down a bunch. The spammers use programs to spam and they keep coming up with new ways to get past the spam filters and techniques. That is a problem G+ wide. Google needs to fix it. The current theme is posting on someone else’s post as a way to make spam.
Looking through the feed, I don’t really see anything off topic else than the one guy posting about his height mapped CNC milling job. I did have to delete some spam off of a few of my posts recently though.
By the way, I do not miss being a moderator and dealing with all that spam all the time. It was a tedious job. I am one of the former moderators (as in no longer one).

(Kelleigh E.) #3

@NathanielStenzel I report and block when I see it. There were like 20 posts of a rapper within 30 minutes prior to posting.

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #4

The posting account must have been around a while then. A newer account would have been caught in the spam trap.

(Anthony Bolgar) #5

I banned the little rapper. Dumb fool has his phone number in his ggogle+ bio page. Was thinking of giving him a call around 4am :wink:

(Anthony Bolgar) #6

I handle the spam ques a few times a day, or if I see something obviously wrong I delete and ban. But for slightly off topic marginal posts, I defer to Thantiks judgement. I am basicaqlly a janitor for the spam que.

(Stephanie A) #7

Thanks for reporting them we all check as often as we can.

(ThantiK) #8

You just happened to hit the community at a weird timing. These idiots are usually banned pretty quickly.

(Griffin Paquette) #9

That’s a fluke. Sometimes we have issues like that that happen in waves (thanks google for the poor algorithm)

(Kelleigh E.) #10

Thanks guys! Pretty stoked to see this response. I’ve not been so lucky in my other groups.

(Stephanie A) #11

We’re pretty proud of this group. I wouldn’t be on G+ if it wasn’t for this group and the awesome community around it. I made tons of friends and learned a lot. I wouldn’t have the same experience as a forum or bookFace. Only the uber geeks seem to be left around here and I love it.

(Liam Jackson) #12

Yeah the mods here do a great job compared to other g+ groups!

(Kelleigh E.) #13

Thank you and sorry for rushing to conclusions. My sincere apologies.

(Justin Nesselrotte) #14

All good. There’s been times where we as mods have thought “does anyone even check this?”

I’m on mobile mostly and it’s much easier to handle individual posts and comments than that horrendous queue of spam. Remember you can always tag us and we’ll try to take care of it as fast as we can.

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #15

Yeah, I just wish there was a +moderator option. Hahaha

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #16

@Kelleigh_E Tell your other groups that the “hold posts from new members” community option works wonders. There are a number of good posts that will end up in the spam queue right along side of a ton of spam. They can then whitelist people to make their posts not get stuck in the spam queue. It is not a fix all, but it is a start.

(Kelleigh E.) #17

@NathanielStenzel its an art group and I’m positive there are no admins left, sadly.

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #18

@Kelleigh_E Well, if you go to the community page, it says X members. If you click that, it will probably give a list of normal members and on that page it should have a link to view the moderators, admins and owners. Perhaps you can follow them and then tag them in a post.

(Kelleigh E.) #19

Thank you!

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #20

My pleasure.