Are there any private label 3d printers ?

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Are there any private label 3d printers ?

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What does this even mean? Like, rebranded 3D printers? Not really. 3D Printer designs are all open and free so there’s not really a business model for it. China will essentially assemble anything you ask them to provided you give them the instructions and the parts. They’ll probably steal it from you and sell it for 1/5th the cost a month from that point, but still…they’ll do it.

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@Georg_Mill Why would we? Why would someone take a cut on a machine they produce, only to have someone else slap their logo on it? There were a bunch of knockoff Makerbots, but it’s so easy to clone a machine that anyone can do it without having to rely on the ‘white-box’ model of business. What would we gain by it?

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@Georg_Mill I was looking to replicate a printer at a lower cost which essentially makes it a different printer, the manufacture benefits as well.

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@SOM3D If you have to ask these kinds of questions, you likely don’t have the skills to produce it at a lower cost than the manufacturer already does.

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There is no point in taking a low cost printer and replacing a few components with lower cost components.

It’s already engineered to be low cost. If you didn’t engineer the printer in the first place, you probably won’t be able to re-engineer it to any useful advantage.

What I mean is that if you want a low cost printer, you’ll need to engineer it yourself, and source the manufacturing and supply chains. You’ll be competing with bottom line vendors that sell at mass quantities and minimal margins. These same vendors would have nothing to gain by rebranding to 3rd parties who sell it at a lower cost. It’s not economical, anything you could do to cut corners would likely compromise the machine, or have already been taken.

You need to provide something of value that sets you apart.

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Harsh but I have to agree @ThantiK

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@Stephanie_A I wish to add parts to a already manufactured 3D printer. That is why i require a white label

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@SOM3D Essentially you can already do this by buying one of the cheap chinese ones already. They’re based off of open source designs and they’re mechanical in nature so nothing being done right now can be covered under patent.

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@ThantiK thank you

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So we finally see the reason for the long string of weird leading questions over the past few weeks. Can people please stop feeding him instead of letting him do his own leg work?

Frankly a lot of these questions, if you have to ask, maybe you’re a long way from being able to succeed in the venture you’re trying to undertake.

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@Jeff_DeMaagd this is exactly what I was thinking. Put in the legwork or don’t do it.

Frankly, if you aren’t willing to put in the work to actually research this stuff yourself, you’re most likely not capable of finishing out the rest of the project.

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@Georg_Mill that’s true, but also not what I think is going on here. There is a difference between someone wanting to gain knowledge to learn about something where there might not be any other means, and someone who literally doesn’t want to google/wants spoon fed answers. In my opinion, and from what I have seen from OP, that’s what’s happening here.

I have been on this community for many years now (I want to say around 5 or so) and in that time, it’s become easy to spot when people genuinely are looking for help to gain knowledge, and the others who want a handout.

Frankly, as someone who has spent time in school to learn lots of this the hard way, if you aren’t willing to spend the time to look it up and master it, it’s unlikely you will complete it in the long run.

just my .02. take it for what it’s worth.

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Flashforge or XYZprinting might do white label printers.