Are custom homing routines possible?

Working on rebuilding a old ULS PS25 laser and was thinking of replacing the 1990’s controller with a smoothie. But one unique issue with this machine is the homing requirements. In order to home the X axis you must first home the Y then back up 1". If you don’t the X axis flag will miss the sensor. This is due to their decision to put the X home sensor on the wall of the machine vs having it travel on the X gantry with the head. (lower mass + fewer wires flexing back and fourth. Is there a easy or at least strait forward way to set this homing behavior up in the smoothie firmware?

That and a question about motor driver disables (need to dig thought he wiki more on that one) are about the only two things left keeping me from ordering a smoothie for this project. Thanks for any help!

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Smoothie allows you to define the order in which the axes are homed if you ask Smoothie to home them all, but your “move back 1 inch” thing is not supported in there.

However, nothing is preventing you from doing the homing in a few steps instead of one :

G28 X0 ( home X )
G1 X1 ( move X back 1 inch )
G28 Y0

If typing this every time you want to home is too much work, you can also put this in a file, and then just do “play /sd/home.gcode” or something.

Would that do ?