Arduino Mega + Pronterface : connecting problems.

Arduino Mega + Pronterface : connecting problems. Hi, I try to write here, because the problem is specific : I’m using Linux (ONLY Linux), I have some Arduino Mega rev.3, it’s has a new UART chip (not like FTDI), the communication is done by a kernel module ch341; if I work on Arduino IDE, I can work without problems, I can compile and upload firmware again and again; netx, using pronterface, I can connect to printer first time only, if I disconnect and I connect the printer again I get this error :

Attempted to write invalid text to console, which could be due to an invalid baudrate

that’s no sense, on first connection I can do everything; I thought the problem was in my system, but I saw in Arduino IDE I didn’t get that problem, so I presume a Pronterface problem. Any idea? Thanks to all

As far as I am aware, pronterface and all of its source code are on github, may make sense to raise the issue there?

Just done, many thanks

There must be a place in Marlin, called from setup() that sets the communication baud rate. It appears to be the BAUDRATE setting in Configuration.h. I have mine set at 115200 since I could not get 250000 to work. Check that BAUDRATE matches your pronterface setting?

Yes Aaron, infact at furst connection alla goes fine, bit if I dusconnect I can’t connect again

My LINUX box leaves it on the same device. I wonder if when you disconnect, it spawns a new device file. If so, you will need to reconnect to the new device file. However, this is not expected. It should not spawn a new device unless it is unplugged from the computer. I’m just guessing. this has never happened to me, and I run mostly LINUX.

you are right, but it’s not my case: when it doesn’t find the correct device, pronterface notifyes me; it’s a program fault, I believe

I just flashed Marlin to my RAMPS and was only able to connect through Pronterface using the baud rate 234000. This is the second printer I’ve had to do this with. Give it a try.