approaching, looks like it's time for another late night hangout.

#makemunich approaching, looks like it’s time for another late night hangout. Any suggestions for guests/topics highly appreciated.

I start with:

  • Robohand, printed prosthetics
  • Guests I’d like to see: +*****

That is Brook Drumm, dunno why it doesn’t show

Looks like @Brook_Drumm has an old profile that was deleted. Maybe you tried to link to that one, and that’s why it’s not showing up.

Topics of interests: DIY DLP printers. Designing for 3d printing. Software discussion on 3d printing optimized apps. How are designers and makers using 3d printing for commercial application. Anticipated guests from Nervous System, Dizingof, Josh Harker, threeform, hotpop, and Emmet would be awesome.

We need a date for this!

True, next Tuesday ok?

Hmmm, we’re in crunch time for Maker Faire prep. After the 19th would be better.

Ok, you define one - i try to be there.

What about the following tuesday (the 21st)? Good to have more than a week to get the word out anyway.

I will be out of town then and with low connectivity - but feel free to do it anyway

We can push it later. I wasn’t trying to say we need to do it immediately, we just need to set a date. I think last time we set it a month ahead.

Then let’s make it so: 04th of June?

Sounds good to me.