Appimage not working

I’ve just downloaded the lappimage (v4.0.993-130.56) for use on Ubuntu 19.04 and it doesn’t start. As there’s no error message shown, I the appimage with --appimage-mount and got the following:

Checking for update
Error: Error: Cannot find module ‘js-yaml’
at Module._resolveFilename (module.js:485:15)
(There were a lot of similar lines followed by:)
Unhandled rejection Error: Cannot find module ‘js-yaml’

As this is an appimage, I’d assumed that all necessary modules would be included. DO I have to install js.yaml?


I don’t know much about AppImage and I am not able to help with, but an option to get it running on Linux would be to just install lw.comm-server (nodejs server) and use the frontend from a chromium browser on localhist:8000.

I don’t actually have a laser engraver but wanted to get familiar with Laserweb so I can use it at my local Maker space.


Ok, then I would suggest the folowing link where you can test all the frontend features:

Good site but that won’t let me simulate actual cutting/engraving. I do have grbl based system that I can use as a simulator if I can run Laserweb locally.
AppImage not running sound like something I should report on Github.


I found that the cause f the problem were some old config files from last time I installed laserweb (2+ years ago). These files were in ~/.config/laserweb-builder. Once removed, tthe appimage ran OK.