Anyone working with a tool changer and the R7?

Anyone working with a tool changer and the R7? My projects recently are really requiring a lot of changes and a changer would lead to an incredible increase in productivity.

Here is an example of an off the shelf changer integrated into a DIY CNC machine. IT’s made for a Kress Spindle and the air component is by a company called ATC. Aparently the Kress company also has a changer.

Brandon, are these in the works? It would be awesome to have…

I have been looking at one, you can buy them from they have them in a 65mm size for the standard 800W spindle.

Thanks Aaron, definitely considering this. Looks amazing!

@Kevin_McNally we do crazy amounts of tool changes here at SMW3D on R7s but not “Auto”. We use G43.1 to do tool length offsets. We will look into this, thanks for linking.

Yeah, and fairly reasonable price:

I’m curious, @Aaron_Troxel and @Kevin_McNally have you guys done tool changes with tool length offsets in software?

If someone could convince me to do this and integrate it, well… they shot me a message today. Not that I wouldn’t do it for you guys, but I owe this guy. Hint, he’s on this post.

It would take GRBL controllers. If the kit was selected with the M1, the hardware is there.

Software wise it would need to be on bCNC. I know I preach about this software a lot, but understand I’ve used MACH, EMC, and every open source thing available except direct LinuxCNC…, this is the best CAM/ Gcode sender I’ve ever seen. In bCNC this would be crazy easy to implement. About an hour to make it happen and I don’t write in python.

With the R7 being mounted to the spoiler board our worries of tool height would be gone. One could make a countersunk tool holder in SW in about 15 min and have it printed on either the BOXR or hurculien in 10, hint hint.

The possibility is very real with the hardware being so readily available and the fact we are already on the right spindle.

The challenge for me would be that these guys are using M7, 8, 9. I use these to turn the water pump and mist pump on/off.

Perhaps a GPIO off the rPI. It’s not doing anything else. This may be the difficult part as the GRBL/rPi don’t really speak this way. Perhaps a quick chat with Sonny could create a new command using another unused analogue pin. Last time I messaged this awesome dude he implemented the tool we needed in a day. I could wipe a bit more out of base GRBL that we don’t need/use to make room depending on the size availability in Pins.h.

All this tool stuff is not handled by the controller but the UI, which has plenty of room sitting on the rPi.

But again, wanted to make sure you guys have played and understand tool change macros and tool length offsets and understand that compressed air as well the base cost of the mechanism would be part of the game.

I wouldn’t use the tool length preset they speak about in here, I use these on some machines we have here, I would use a G43.1, basically a new probe on change. The OP hints at this, it is the proper way to do it in my opinion.

I’m in though, I changed a tool today and while I love my box, this could make things ridiculously easy.

Waiting on you guys before I forget it or start working towards it. Based my load it would take the help of you guys to make it happen in a decent time frame.

Controlling rPi GPIO pins in Python is super simple. I do it all the time.

I really only use a few cutters and not worrying about the change would make my life super easy. Right now I just do everything with the smallest cutter I will need.

I love bCNC, once I have some free time (HA), then I would love to break down an ATC. I do manual tool changes now and probe after each change.

@Brandon_Satterfield @Brandon_Satterfield

I really can’t comment on any of the programming. Haven’t gone done that route just yet but am planning on it. Making this tool changer would be a great opportunity to start learning.

Awesome @Aaron_Troxel sounds as though you and I are in the same boat.
So we have you, @Colin_Kaminski which I know could do some serious hacking, interested. @Eclsnowman has interests and @Kevin_McNally seems interested.
If I reach out for the mechanical part and use my buying power to try and get us a bulk discount would you guys be up for forking out that kind of bucks? I’d see what they would sell them to us for if we got a few + units. No up charge to this group that wants to play with this from my side.
I mean we all have the machines in the event some modification to the plates need to be made.
I know I can SolidWorks out the mods if needed, seems Colin may be in if we need to try and use java to get away from the already packed GRBL and know Eric could whip out some printed holder in about 2 seconds if we ask real nicely.
I haven’t put a ton of research into this but does kind of seem like the perfect storm so to speak.
Understand though guys I would have commercial interest in this if we moved forward. I would of course give credit to this group and the OP of the inventables post. But it’s my living it would probably show up as an upgrade sooner or later on Hobby-Fab.
Waiting on you guys, you let me know I’ll pull the trigger.

I would be interested. If you wrangle up a deal, let me know the components price and I will run it by the warden (urr I mean wife).

And i will print up whatever is needed. I don’t get enough use out of my six 3d printers :slight_smile:

Hahaha. Perfect @Eclsnowman
That’s one. I need to approach them with at least 5qty I’d assume. I’ll get prices then report back to you guys before pulling the trigger.

Yea, I am absolutely interested. It is something I will do regardless by the end of next year. So if we can work out the “how to” and get a discount, that is icing on the cake.

That’s two! Plus myself. Let’s get 2 more I’ll work my magic!

Count me in. I’ll start saving now. :wink: I am good with most programming languages. I stopped coding professionally a long time ago so I feel awkward about it. I have been writing a lot of Python and C for the Arduino and RPi for work this year but we have a software team for the production code. I just support my R&D bench. It seems like a tool holder from delrin CNC router would be easy.

@Colin_Kaminski good to know we have a code guy in the group. I struggle with “hello world” :slight_smile:

Would love to have one. Brandon send along the negotiated cost once you know. Thanks!

Brandon, will you be providing the solenoid valve part as well?