Anyone with a Filabot  looking for some scrap PLA?

Anyone with a @Filabot looking for some scrap PLA? Got about 2 pounds of it and hate to trow it away. Free to you if you pay the shipping.

Me too. I wonder if somebody could setup a recycling plant?

Is this still available?

+Bryan Boettcher yes it is. Contact me at courchea at net - forces dot com

Somebody is working on a recycling program for filament at schools

Interesting @Liz_Havlin I’m starting to wonder if there is a market…

We are a long way to get 3D printers in schools here in Quebec !

@Bryan_Boettcher what’s your experience with the @Filabot ? Is it reliable ? How’s the quality of the extruded filament ?

Yes sir, there is! Think of all those schools with all those pieces of filament & failed prints!

We can micro source from each other. Shhhh. BrotherBot is watching lol