Anyone want to take a guess what I'm working on? Hint:

(Jon Charnas) #1

Anyone want to take a guess what I’m working on?

Hint: it’s probably what you think, and it’s constrained to fit on existing electronics boards without additional firmware hacks or electronics. Should work on a RAMPS, Replicape, Due, etc. as long as you have 1 stepper & 2 servo outputs free.

Hoping to have a functional prototype beginning assembly in another 2 weeks or so

(Xiaojun Liu) #2

5 in 1 out?

(Kevon Daines) #3

A printer or extruder head ,?

(Jon Charnas) #4

Not an extruder. At least, it’s not meant to handle the pressure needed on the filament to extruder with…

(chris rowse) #5

filament switch?

(Jon Charnas) #6

Bingo @chris_rowse

(Ben Verdel) #7

It’s obvious. On top is a MIDI connector. In The middle you have the piezoelectric element. And on the bottom I clearly see a single-needle micro engraver.
So you can engrave audio-tracks into any 3D-printed object. With a little bit of imagination everything is possible. You should make a kick-starter project out of this. Greetings

(rabia Dogruer) #8


(Jon Charnas) #9

@Ben_Verdel haha, yeah ok. It’s a multi material for single nozzle printers that’s not using 3 steppers like Prusa’s, using a single stepper and 2 servos. Most boards support that as extra when configured for a single nozzle printer, and this let’s you use standard gcode as part of your slicer, instead of extra electronics and custom firmware mods. Doesn’t have extra filament sensors, but can’t have everything…

(Ben Verdel) #10

@Jon_Charnas Ok. I thought : let’s have some fun. It was an invitation to come up with some crazy ideas. Now you gave away the solution. Sniff. Lol.

(Jon Charnas) #11

Haha, yeah, fair enough. I mean, it could be a laser engraver, but I’m not clear on the point of the stepper in that case…

(Ben Verdel) #12

@Jon_Charnas The depth of the groove and in stereo :wink:

(Marty Thompson) #13

What software is that?

(Jon Charnas) #14


(Mukesh Tiwari) #15

Mukesh Tiwari

(adhav vannan) #16



30 amp box

(Jeff DeMaagd) #18

Guessing games are weak.